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Funding Source    (2VVM)

Origin/Source for Inclusion of the Term    (2VVN)

OMB Circular No. A–11 (2005) Part I, Section 20.3—Terms and Concepts, Budgetary resources    (2VVO)

OMB Context Definition    (2VVP)

All funding sources for an initiative must be identified and accounted for to ensure that the funds are obligated for the purpose for which they were made available and in accordance with the type of appropropriation; one-year, multi-year, or no-year funding.    (2VVQ)

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Business Definition    (2VVS)

Funding sources are the budgetary source(s) through which an activity is funded.    (2VVT)

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http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/circulars/a11/current_year/s20.pdf    (2VVV)

Technical Definition    (2VVW)

Funding sources are composed of budgetary resource made available to enter into new obligations and to liquidate them. They include both appropriarted and other specific budgetary resources such as working capital funds, revolving funds, user fees, etc) for a project or investment. Budgetary resources are made up of new budget authority (including direct spending authority provided in existing statute and obligation limitations), and unobligated balances of budget authority provided in previous years.    (2VVX)

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http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/circulars/a11/current_year/s20.pdf    (2VVZ)

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Full Funding, Budgetary Resources    (2VW7)