Frank Olken    (3MRE)

 Computer Scientist
 National Science Foundation
 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
 e-mail:    (3MRF)

I am currently a Program Director (as a detailee from LBNL) at the National Science Foundation in the Computers, Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Directorate in the Information and Intelligent Systems Division (IIS) in the Informatics and Information Integration (III) Cluster. In plain English this means I expect to handle proposals in data management, workflow, information integration, some knowledge management, bioinformatics, data management for science and engineering applications.    (3MRG)

My personal research interests include: database management, graph data management and graph algorithms, statistical data management, metadata registries, bioinformatics, computational biology, metadata and XML standards development, knowledge representation, social science data libraries, social network analysis.    (3MRH)

I am also a metric zealot (favor metrication - hard metric conversion).    (3MRI)

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