Process Step 4: Define the Conceptual Solution Architecture    (3ZSL)

Activity 4.4: Validate and communicate the conceptual solution architecture    (3ZSM)

Activity Description:    (3ZSN)

This activity includes packaging and gaining approval of the conceptual solution architecture by the executive sponsor and business owners.    (3ZSO)    (3ZSP)

Activity Inputs:    (3ZSQ)

Activity Tasks:    (3ZSY)

4.4.1 Package the conceptual solution architecture    (3ZSZ)

The architect should develop a package that summarizes the as-is and the to-be conceptual solution architecture and provides an overview of the transition considerations, alternatives, and recommendations. This should include the relevant artifacts describing the target conceptual solution architecture and how the performance, business, and information requirements are aligned with the target state conceptual solution architecture.    (3ZT0)

4.4.2 Present the conceptual solution architecture for approval    (3ZT1)

A presentation that includes the important aspects of the integrated target system and services model, the SCM, and the TM should be prepared by the architect. The architect should conduct a detailed workshop review of these architecture products for the core team.    (3ZT2)

Communications Considerations:    (3ZT3)

Brief process step 4 results to applicable governance teams and stakeholder groups. For segments requiring a formal cross-agency review of the analyses performed in this process step, consolidate the outputs into a final report for formal distribution and review. Review and validate the final report with appropriate work groups, governance bodies, and key stakeholders.    (3ZT4)

Activity Outputs:    (3ZT5)

Suggested Analytical Techniques:    (3ZT7)

None    (3ZT8)

End of Process Step 4    (3ZIM)

Process Step 5 /Author_the_Modernization_Blueprint    (3ZT9)