Process Step 1: Determine Participants and Launch Project    (3ZAD)

Activity 1.3: Solicit core team members    (3ZAE)

Activity Description:    (3ZAF)

The core team is a critical entity throughout the segment architecture development process. Without a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and constructive core team, the segment architecture might not be valid, relevant or implementable. This activity involves the executive sponsor recruiting the best and brightest subject matter experts from the affected organizations. All affected organizations need a seat at the table and that seat needs to be filled by an individual who will embrace the purpose statement and respond positively to other core team members. In general, you want less than 10 people on the core team.    (3ZAG)

Note that the core team membership is critical to the success of the project. The core team typically consists of program manager level personnel who are subject matter experts in the segment, and possibly key segment stakeholders. Core team members should be constructive, able to think outside of a single organizational context, good communicators, visionary, and excited about change. It is important to note that the core team may decide to invite other subject matter experts for advice, as needed, to supplement their knowledgebase as they move through the segment architecture development process. The important element of the core team is that it is a highly functional team that has the knowledge and vision to develop an actionable segment architecture.    (3ZAH)    (3ZAI)

Activity Inputs:    (3ZAJ)

Activity Tasks:    (3ZAM)

1.3.1 Communicate to business owner(s) the role of the core team    (3ZAN)

It is important to educate the business owner(s) on the role of the core team. The core team is the key group of working level resources that will help shape and develop the target state for the segment. These resources should be from the mission area, not architects or IT professionals (unless the segment is an IT specific segment).    (3ZAO)

Overall, the core team members should expect to contribute a significant amount of time thinking about and meeting on the target state planning for the segment. Core team members should have the following characteristics: constructive, able to think outside of a single organizational context, good communicators, visionary, and excited about change.    (3ZAP)

1.3.2 Determine personnel to be appointed to the core team    (3ZAQ)

In most cases, the core team will be appointed by the business owner(s) or the executive sponsor. This task usually involves a dialogue with the business owner(s) or executive sponsor to ensure that desired personnel are available and can contribute time to the segment architecture development.    (3ZAR)

1.3.3 Communicate appointments to the affected personnel    (3ZAS)

Once appointments have been determined, a formal outreach to the appointed individuals is a good way to bring those individuals into the segment architecture development process. Sometimes a one on one conversation with each appointed individual is better than a group introduction to the process and the role of a core team member.    (3ZAT)

1.3.4 Issue a memorandum to communicate the formation of the core team and the purpose statement    (3ZAU)

Although the communications strategy has not yet been developed, this task produces a communications item in the form of a core team formation memorandum to communicate the existence of the core team, its members and its purpose.    (3ZAV)

Communications Considerations:    (3ZAW)

The development of the core team is critical to building buy-in to the segment architecture development and that affected organizations are participating via knowledgeable subject matter experts (SMEs). It is important to cast a wide net of communications in order to get the most representative and constructive collection of members on the core team. Once the core team has been developed, it is important to make its membership known throughout the segment.    (3ZAX)

Activity Outputs:    (3ZAY)

Suggested Analytical Techniques:    (3ZB1)    (3ZB5)

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