Process Step 5: Author the Modernization Blueprint    (3ZW5)

Activity 5.3: Review and finalize the blueprint and sequencing plan    (3ZW6)

Activity Description:    (3ZW7)

The draft segment architecture blueprint is distributed to the core team for review. Throughout the review process, feedback is recorded and consolidated, and resulting actions are tracked. Once the review is completed, the final segment architecture blueprint document is prepared for submission to the appropriate governance teams.    (3ZW8)    (3ZW9)

Activity Inputs:    (3ZWA)

Tasks:    (3ZWF)

5.3.1 Distribute the draft segment blueprint for review    (3ZWG)

The draft segment blueprint is distributed for review to the core team, business owner(s) and executive sponsor. Accompanying this distribution is a cover letter that describes the highlights of the blueprint. A separate executive summary document may also be provided for review. During the review process, a document review form may be used to collect review comments and change requests.    (3ZWH)

5.3.2 Collect comments    (3ZWI)

During the review process, all feedback is recorded, dispensed and consolidated. Follow-up actions are documented and tracked through to completion.    (3ZWJ)

5.3.3 Develop the final segment blueprint    (3ZWK)

As feedback actions are documented and closed, comments and changes are also incorporated into the draft segment blueprint document. This may also result in updates to other work products such as the sequencing WBS and project plan.    (3ZWL)

Communications Considerations:    (3ZWM)

It may be necessary to conduct face-to-face meetings with individual core team members, business owner(s) and executive sponsor to review the blueprint findings, implementation recommendations and sequencing plan.    (3ZWN)

Activity Outputs:    (3ZWO)

Suggested Analytical Techniques:    (3ZWR)    (3ZWU)

Next Activity: 5.4 /Brief_core_team_and_obtain_approval    (3ZWV)