Process Step 5: Author the Modernization Blueprint    (3ZV7)

Activity 5.2: Develop draft blueprint and sequencing plan    (3ZV8)

Activity Description:    (3ZV9)

The validated implementation recommendations provide the basis for producing the detailed blueprint document and sequencing plan. The draft blueprint document summarizes the results of the business analysis and strategy, an overview of the target data, services and technology environment, along with the results of analysis of the findings, transition options and associated implementation recommendations    (3ZVA)    (3ZVB)

Activity Inputs:    (3ZVC)

Tasks:    (3ZVF)

5.2.1 Develop the draft work breakdown structure    (3ZVG)

Using the updated implementation recommendations, a draft sequencing work breakdown structure (WBS) is developed. For each implementation recommendation, a top-down representation of the deliverables that are required for implementation is developed and described in the WBS. The WBS should incorporate deliverables associated with all aspects of the transformation, including technology, process, system, data, etc., along with any associated workforce development, communication and change management activities.    (3ZVH)

5.2.2 Develop the draft sequencing plan    (3ZVI)

Based on the completed WBS, both a high-level recommendation implementation sequencing plan and a strategic systems migration / sequencing overview are developed to summarize the sequencing plan for the segment. The recommendation implementation sequencing plan contains information regarding the timing and dependencies between those items identified in the WBS, including the technology, process, system, data, associated workforce development, communication, and change management activities. These items constitute the ‘blueprint recommendations’ that are outlined in the “Draft implementation sequencing plan” analytical technique identified below. The strategic systems migration / sequencing overview is focused on the actual sequencing and transition of systems and services to achieve the target state.    (3ZVJ)

Note that the strategic systems migration / sequencing overview is essentially a single consolidated diagram containing the individual transition recommendation sequencing diagrams developed in process step 4 that correspond with the selected implementation recommendations. A corresponding consolidated table of strategic systems migration / sequencing performance milestones is also developed.    (3ZVK)

Once the high-level sequencing is developed, a more detailed draft sequencing plan is developed in the form of a project schedule that includes all tasks associated with the overall transition of business processes, systems and services to achieve the target state. This sequencing plan details the sequenced tasks necessary to develop the elements of the WBS. Internal and external dependencies are also included as either milestones or predecessor tasks.    (3ZVL)

5.2.3 Develop the draft segment blueprint    (3ZVM)

A draft segment blueprint is developed that describes the overall segment transition plan, and is focused on implementation of the business transformation implementation recommendations. This document should be generated according to the outline provided below. A separate executive summary document may also be created. The blueprint document also contains descriptions of some of the key analysis performed in prior process steps 2, 3 and 4.    (3ZVN)

Communications Considerations:    (3ZVO)

It may be necessary to consult with the business and data architecture teams to identify business processes and data elements of the WBS. The WBS form may also need to be shared across the organization whenever external dependencies are known to exist for specific recommendations.    (3ZVP)

Activity Outputs:    (3ZVQ)

Suggested Analytical Techniques:    (3ZVX)    (3ZW0)

Segment Blueprint Sample Outline    (3ZW3)

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