Process Step 1: Determine Participants and Launch Project    (3ZB7)

Activity 1.4: Create core team charter and project plan    (3ZB8)

Activity Description:    (3ZBY)

The segment architecture’s development should include the use of project management techniques just like any other project. The core team needs to establish a charter to support the development of the segment architecture. The core team charter establishes the legitimacy of the project, the role of its players, operational ground rules, decision-making structure, preliminary scope, and stated objectives and goals.    (3ZBA)

Additionally, the segment architecture development requires the development and maintenance of a project plan. The project plan will guide the process and ensure timely delivery of the segment architecture. This methodology’s process steps, activities, tasks and outputs are major contributors to the structure and sequencing of the project plan.    (3ZBB)    (3ZBC)

Activity Inputs:    (3ZBD)

Activity Tasks:    (3ZBH)

1.4.1 Develop draft core team charter    (3ZBI)

The core team charter should include the role of the core team members, the roster of the core team, the decision-making structure for the core team, the purpose statement, and the preliminary scope of the project. Although the core team charter is an important document, it should not take months to develop.    (3ZBJ)

1.4.2 Create project plan for segment architecture development    (3ZBK)

Although there is a lot unknown about the segment at this point, a project plan should be developed to detail the milestones and proposed dates for the segment architecture’s development. There is always a risk of the architecture development becoming a prolonged analytical exercise. The project plan will help ensure that the segment architecture is developed in an acceptable time frame.    (3ZBL)

1.4.3 Review and approve core team charter, project plan and governance    (3ZBM)

It is important that the segment architecture development process begin with common intentions and a common understanding of expectations. The core team charter, project plan and governance should be reviewed and approved by the business owner(s) and executive sponsor to ensure approval of the initial direction of the segment architecture development effort.    (3ZBN)

Communications Considerations:    (3ZBO)

The development of the core team charter should be available to interested parties during the segment architecture development process to communicate to the affected organizations and their representatives, governance and overall purpose of the segment architecture.    (3ZBP)

Activity Outputs:    (3ZBQ)

Suggested Analytical Techniques:    (3ZBT)    (3ZBW)

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