Writers' First Review Draft:    (2V97)

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Extensibility    (2VPP)

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Service Components Sub Committee    (2VPR)

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Business Definition    (2VPU)

Making changes to a computer program without affecting what the program can already do.    (2VPV)

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Ira Grossman, June 29, 2005    (2VPX)

Technical Definition    (2VPY)

The ability to add new features to an existing program without disturbing any existing code.    (2VPZ)

Reference/URL Technical Definition    (2VQ0)

Glossary Ada 95: The Craft of Object-Oriented Programming by John English. Copyright © John English 2000. All rights reserved. [Permission is given to redistribute this work for non-profit educational use only, provided that all the constituent files are distributed without change.] www.it.bton.ac.uk/staff/je/adacraft/glossary.htm Accessed June 29, 2005    (2VQ1)

Context Definition 1    (2VQ2)

Ability to extend the capability of a component so that it handles additional needs of a particular implementation.    (2VQ3)

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Service Components Sub Committee    (2VQ5)

Context Definition 2    (2VQ6)

A property of a system, format, or standard that allows changes in performance or format within a common framework, while retaining partial or complete compatibility among systems that belong to the common framework.    (2VQ7)

Reference/URL for Context Definition 2    (2VQ8)

Extensibility, “ATIS Telecom Glossary 2000”, Alliance for Telecommunications Solutions, ATIS Committee T1A1. http://www.atis.org/tg2k/_extensibility.html, Accessed June 29, 2005    (2VQ9)

Context Definition 3    (2VQA)

A system design principle where the implementation takes into consideration future growth. It is a systemic measure of the ability to extend a system and the level of effort required to implement the extension. Extensions can be through the addition of new functionality or through modification of existing functionality. The central theme is to provide for change while minimizing impact to existing system functions.    (2VQB)

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Extensibility Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extensibility accessed June 29, 2005    (2VQD)

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