Sept. 18 Planning Notes and Draft Scenarios for Collaborative Expedition Workshop #71, March 2008    (3P2M)

Draft title: Broadening Participation With Cyberinfrastructure: Toward Stakeholder-Centered Science and Engineering in the Public Realm    (3QJN)

Goals    (3P2N)

  1. Seeing in the Future, a Future that Transcends What has Passed    (3P2O)
  2. Being Able to Discern What's Best About the Old Way and the New Way    (3P2P)
  3. Being Individually Accountable for the Course of Actions Evoked by this Process Relative to Purpose    (3P2Q)
  4. Explore the current and future contributions of Emerging Technology Life-cycle process and Strategy Markup Language (StratML)    (3PVY)
  5. Explore    (3PVZ)
    • NSF Cyberinfrastructure Projects    (3PW0)
    • models of successful funding (and how to institutionalize them)    (3PW1)
    • lessons from developing federal standards    (3PW2)
    • SOA development    (3PW3)
    • best CIO practices    (3PW4)
  6. Service-Oriented Architecture (new paradigms)    (3PW5)


PEOPLE    (3PW8)