Collaborative Expedition Workshop #79, The Science of Science Policy    (40XU)

Remote Session - Session One    (40XS)

Workspace: Let's use the chat room at: (where the conversation has already begun, in a sense.)    (40YE)

Participants:    (40YA)

Pick one of the theme:    (40YD)

We will pick theme-4: "Identifying Data Needs for Implementing SoSP"    (40YL)

Discussion    (40YN)

from the earlier chat conversation:    (40YW)

This group's discussion:    (410Q)

PeterYim: Other comments (ref. the Tool-4 survey)    (415B)

Workshop Decision Tool: Theme 4: Identifying Data Needs for Implementing SoSP    (415C)

Question-1: Supporting Research    (415D)

Question-2: Measuring and tracking the scientific workforce    (415K)

Question-3: Measuring and tracking scientific outcomes: (patent data; publication data; citations etc.)    (4161)

Question-4: Measuring and Tracking Competitiveness    (416A)

Question-5: Analytical Access by researchers and federal government agencies    (416C)