Collaborative Expedition #14, June 18, 2002    (417F)

Title: Potential and Realities of Building A Public Code Commons: Open Source, Section 508, and Beyond    (417G)

Workshop Purpose: To explore the Potential and Realities of Building A Public Code Commons: Open Source, Section 508, and Beyond.    (417W)

As information tools become ubiquitous and closely connected to the quality of life and prosperity of individual people, individual communities, and individual countries, a more engaged, active role for people, communities, and countries in the creation of these societal tools must emerge. Societal technologies insufficiently flexible to accommodate connection-making activities among all members adversely affect the whole of society. How is the peer production model of open source contributing to a new societal organization form? How can citizens at risk become co-designers of societal communication networks?    (417H)

9:30 AM - Coffee    (417I)

9:55 AM - Welcome    (417J)

SusanTurnbull, Sr. Program Advisor, GSA and    (417K)

GeorgeBrett, Chief Information Architect, End-to-End Performance, Internet2    (417L)

10:00 AM - Earth's 911: Building Blocks for a Public Code Commons Over the Past Decade: Principles of Chaordic Organizations and Open Source, ''Chris Warner;;, President,    (417M)

10:40 AM - Section 508 Overview, Craig Holcomb, National Security Agency    (417N)

11:20 AM - Open Source and Section 508: Introduction to GNOME Accessibility Framework, Marc Mulcahy, GNOME Team, Sun Microsystems, Inc.    (417O)

12:00 PM - GNOME: Building Blocks for Peer Production Networks, Nat Friedman, one of the founders of GNOME    (417P)

12:40 PM - Who is Here? Who is Missing from this Dialogue?    (417Q)

1:00 PM- Lunch/Networking (bring your own bag lunch or RSVP for sandwich & beverage $8.00 cost/person)    (417R)

2:00 PM - Open Source, Section 508, and Beyond: What Works Today, Janina Sajka, Director, Technology Research & Development, American Foundation for the Blind    (417S)

2:40 PM - Open Source and Section 508, Jeremy Hogan, Community Relations Manager, Red Hat    (417T)

3:20 PM - The Mozilla Project, Frank Hecker,    (417U)

4:00 PM - Adjournment - Workshop presentations, resources, and member information are at this site and    (417V)