==Notes from the discussion===    (2C3)

The EA needs to include the strategic plan, business processes, (What do we do. How do we do it.)    (26D)

Example: The senior management may have a vision of creating a web based customer centric organization, but has never written that down.    (27N)

Few EA teams have senior management buyin.    (27O)

How to convince senior management to view EA development as a management tool to help    (27P)

OMB's push for EA includes budget cuts which will push organizations to compliance. But will fund organizations to collaborate.    (27Q)

It was obvious at our agency that we needed an EA and didn't have one.    (27R)

Going to OMB and saying we    (27S)

In consolidation workgroup. Indivitual agencies have security concerns over network integration. Despite their concerns they are being forced by OMB's policy to move forward on consolidation.    (27T)

Small agencies fall through the cracks at OMB because they don't have time to review them. The management ignored the OMB push for developing an EA.    (27U)

Request for adoption of ActiveX in EA. The Technology Review subcommittee refused the request and told them that it would not be allowed.    (27V)

If you don't have management that supports the EA then there is no point in engaging in the activity. Money talks. Funding needs to be tied to compliance.    (27W)

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Need to show how the IT is related to the business of the agencies.    (29G)

Key to this is understanding the business needs.    (29H)

Don't need CEO to how IT will be done. Need to work with business side to say what they need and how it needs to be provided, and a capability to turn this information into that information.... Need a capability for turning their information into my information.    (29I)

Backbone is a big issue. No policies that tell management what they have to do. Those who write the policy refuse to write policies that tell the boss what to do.    (29J)

DoD is having trouble tracking documents and are building a federation hub for allowing the 17 systems to talk to each other through the hub.    (29K)

Standardization of document tracking numbers as the document flows through agencies.    (29L)

Workflows vary between agencies. The IT systems need to support variations in document workflows.    (29M)

Who is the subject matter experters. Does the content need to be legally vetted. Do we need to have blackberry's for the group? Why..    (29N)


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