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Breakout table: CoP Best Practices Table #6    (26J)

-- Boyer, Melanie - EDC -- Johnson, Angienetta - NASA -- Hebenstreit, Karl - GSA -- Huddleston, Bill - SEC, CFC Association -- Peltz, Jay - Federal Connections -- Reeves, Diana - Dept. Interior -- Sall, Ken - Silo Smashers    (285)

-- [1c] Community maturity models as means for KM metrics (measuring organizational progress)    (2GA)

-- [2a] Record copy function, registry: copy of documents sent out always available (e.g. J drive folders of electronic version of final document) -- [2a.] How to connect players at distance issues: telepresence, physical architecture, e-authentication (Hebenstreit/Sall) -- [2a] Foster, support & sustain CoPs: How to find others with similar interests? Finding who knows (Huddleston/Sall/Peltz) -- [2b] Good presentations to activate interest, keep players participating -- [2b] Good stories, success stories, testimonials: awakes interest, sells idea of CoPs -- [2b] Get players from across all levels and multiple organizations to participate in CoPs. Federal Gov't, state gov't, NGOs    (2BG)

-- [2c]Privacy issue, working behind firewall, fighting with IT security? (Hebenstreit/Reeves)    (2GB)

-- [3a]Forming CoPs: How to organize CoP? by group interest? by skill? (Huddleston/Johnson) -- (Reeves) -- [3a]"Mother of Portals" (MOP) initiative being pursued, but do we need more of a webring with publish once, syndicate to many -- purpose is bringing CoPs together, helping people find others with similar interest including connections among CoPs (Hebenstreit) -- [3a]How to survey existing technologies, find out what's out there at beginning of project; how to avoid re-inventing wheels? (Reeves) -- [3b]Selling CoPs: Use nomenclatures understandable to decision makers. Q: How to get idea of collaboration & KM terminology understood at decision makers' level? Some do not understand what a CoP is & why they should care. Gov't Accountablity Office requirements. (Huddleston/Reeves) -- [3b]How to motivate potential participants to play in CoPs? OMB300 documents: need to communicate w/ others to proove your request for $$$ is valid (Reeves/Johnson)    (2GC)

2c: Certification for KM? Danger of overcredentialing? Misuse of certification requirements? Dynamics of change ages off old knowledge faster -- certification value degrades.    (2BI)

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Summary of final presentation (Huddleston/Hebenstreit):    (2IM)

1- Insight that the technologies needed for the mobile workforce are the same as the technologies needed for COP/KM.    (2IN)

2- Need to have beginning steps for many agencies, e.g. how to organize the J drive as an electronic version of the "chron file." This can be done with no money, and is a good first step to building the foundation of processes needed for a full COP/KM environment.    (2IO)

3- Importance of getting COP on the "radar screen" of senior managers, not the IT community. Possible avenues about the value of COPs, GAO reports, SES Association, NAPA, ASPA, etc. Who are the influencers of the senior career officials?    (2IP)