What are the Potentials and Realities for the Kind of Dialogue that Could Lead to More Citizen-Centric Services?    (12S)

 Team: Marsha (facilitator), ReneLewis (scribe), ... (reporter), ..., AlBuckmaster (from Atlanta, GA), PeterYim (from San Mateo, CA)    (17L)

G-Pls Knock    (1AS)

C -Where?    (1AT)

G-Anywhere.    (1AU)

C -knock, knock, knock    (1AV)

G No, NOT THERE!    (18B)

Can you help me? Yes, and if we can't figure it out - we'll sit down and figure it out.    (18C)

Atlanta technology challenged test    (18Z)

http://colab.cim3.net/file/work/Expedition_Workshop/2004-06-23_Networked_CoP/GroupThree.jpg    (1BD)