Return to Achieving Value and Improving Performance Across the Federal Enterprise    (3J6L)

Breakout Group 3 Management, Change, and Culture: How can we promote process improvement?    (3J72)

Discussion Flow    (3J76)

  1. Question: Improvement needs in your organization?    (3J7A)
  1. Question: Incentives/ Motivation for improvement (ties to Performance/Objectives)?    (3J7B)
  2. Barriers to Improvement?    (3J7C)
  3. Options for initiating impovement (e.g., overcoming barriers)?    (3JFO)
  4. Ways to engage management (organization and higher)?    (3JFP)
  5. Prepare breakout report(ideas/ recommendation for initiating and sustaining Improvement; ...for engaging management support    (3JFQ)

Background Discussion Questions (draft 3/27/07;updated 4-9-07)    (3IVY)

  1. Please describe process improvement in your organization: - activities? - level/priority of management support? - current responsibilities for process improvement?    (3IVV)
  2. Is there a connection with other organizations (support, customer, partner) in which process improvement is, or should be, a factor?    (3IVW)
  3. How do you see your organization benefiting from process improvement?    (3IVZ)
  4. What barriers currently exist to process improvement?    (3IW0)
  5. What incentives do organization managers currently have to engage in process improvement?    (3IW1)
  6. Are there any organization performance issues that could be linked to process improvement?    (3IW2)
  7. What opportunities do you have to influence process improvement in your organization?    (3IW3)
  8. Are there any opportunities to engage higher level management to support process improvement ?    (3IW4)
  9. What time frame or schedule would you need to act on (e.g., related to budget or performance reviews) to have a positive impact on process improvement?    (3IW5)
  10. Is there anyone in your organization that could support your efforts for a process improvement program?    (3IW6)
  11. What kind of support would be helpful from the CIO?    (3IW7)