Return to Achieving Value and Improving Performance Across the Federal Enterprise    (3J6I)

                           Process Enterprise
                    Questions for Breakout Group #1    (3J0P)

Reference models: What is the relationship between processes and reference models? Are there processes in your organization that can be generalized into reference models? Should EPIC become a coordinator of reference model development?    (3J0Q)

Processes and enterprise organization: What is most important for making processes work well? What is the relationship between processes and the traditional functional hierarchy organization? Can you provide examples of good successful processes? If you could change your organization, how would you do so to improve process performance?    (3J0R)

Group Observations:    (3JU0)

Processes & IT: To what extent should IT be involved in the creation of new processes? Can processes be developed independently of IT? Is this a difficult interface? If so, how would you improve it?    (3J0S)

On balance: Do your business process achieve your organizational goals? Do your business process frameworks align with your mission?    (3J0T)

Next Steps Recommendations for EPIC? New Ideas?    (3JFA)