In view of possible Federal CIO Council and BPC group restructuring, EPIC leadership held discussions in June and Early July regarding possible alternative sponsorship and/or collaboration approaches. EPIC met with BPC leadership on July 11 for clarification of information requests and submitted required information including: EPIC purpose, origin/charter, value, support of Federal CIOC Strategic plan, collaboration, and membership. EPIC awaits results of CIOC Executive meeting, to be held July 13, for clarification of next steps.    (3MZP)

The following information was submitted:    (3MZQ)

1. Purpose: EPIC intends to support the Federal CIO Council, OMB, Agencies and Agency CIOs in matters pertaining to process improvement, in particular as described in: E-Gov Act of 2002 and CIO Council charter designating CIOC responsibilities regarding improving agency practices Clinger-Cohen Act designating OMB, Agency Heads, and Agency CIOs responsibilities regarding improvement of work processes and use of best practice EPIC's purpose is to improve government performance by advocating, coordinating and supporting process management/improvement activities across government    (3MZR)

2. Origin/Charter: EPIC first met in June 2005 and decided to explore Federal CIO Council sponsorship so that its activities could be broadly sponsored, endorsed, and visible; in August 2005, a proposal was made to align EPIC with AIC, but this proposal was not accepted; EPIC continued to operate independently until it was chartered under the BPC in July 2006.    (3MZS)

3. Value: EPIC seeks to have a positive impact on government performance and results as a result of improving how we perform our work to accomplish our mission. EPIC's strategy for accomplishing this is tied to efficiency and effectiveness in improvement activities, building expertise, and tying process improvement to the FEA Framework as follows: integrating relevant process standards, models, and approaches into a common framework for efficient deployment and measurement (baseline completed) relating this framework of integrated standards-based best practices with processes identified in the FEA Framework Business Reference Model (completed where applicable) describing common processes and process patterns that can be used across/within agencies (not yet commenced) building standards/process improvement knowledge and expertise in government agencies (continual - very successful EPIC Workshop (April 2007) of particular note)    (3MZT)

4. CIOC Strategic Plan: EPIC participated in developing the plan; EPIC supports CIOC activity 2 (ideas, best practices, innovative approaches); governing principle 5 (adopting and sharing best IT management practices); Goal 2, objective 1 (... promulgate best practices ...); Goal 3, objective 6 (encourage adoption of standards-based best practices across government), objective 7 (incorporate best practices into ... governmental processes ...)    (3MZU)

5. Collaboration: EPIC collaborates with IT Workforce Committee regarding Federal IT Summit; AIC Emerging Technology regarding Collaborative Expedition Workshop; members collaborate with various standards bodies    (3MZV)

6. Membership: Members are from government organizations, or representatives designated by them; others may be invited to attend, observe, or contribute; a subset of EPIC, consisting of Government employees only, forms the EPIC Government Advisory Council which would provide advice or recommendations as requested or appropriate.    (3MZW)