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Encapsulation    (2VJ9)

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Service Components Sub Committee    (2VJB)

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Business Definition    (2VJE)

Hiding the information on how part of a computer program works from the rest of the world.    (2VJF)

Reviewer Comment: The process to encase certain object or objects in a capsule whereby the outside world can only view those attributes intended to be disclosed and to hide those attributes intended to be hidden.    (2VJG)

Reference/URL for Business Definition    (2VJH)

Ira Grossman    (2VJI)

Reviewer Comment: Derived from: Merriam-Webster OnLine Dictionary http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=encapsulation; accessed July 20, 2005    (2VJJ)

Technical Definition    (2VJK)

Hiding implementation details within a component so that an implementation is not dependent on those details.    (2VJL)

Reviewer Comment: Encapsulation can be used to describe either a process or an entity. As a process, encapsulation means the act of enclosing one or more items within a (physical or logical) container. Encapsulation, as an entity, refers to a package or an enclosure that holds (contains, encloses) one or more items.    (2VJM)

Reference/URL Technical Definition    (2VJN)

Service Components Sub Committee    (2VJO)

Reviewer Comment: Edward V. Berared, “Abstraction, Encapsulation, and Information Hiding” Available from http://www.toa.com/pub/abstraction.txt; accessed July 20, 2005    (2VJP)

Context Definition 1    (2VJQ)

Encapsulation describes the ability of an object to hide its data and methods from the rest of the world - one of the fundamental principles of OOP (Object Oriented Programming).    (2VJR)

Reference/URL Context Definition 1    (2VJS)

Encapsulation, “Oracle FAQ” http://www.orafaq.com/glossary/faqglose.htm Accessed June 29, 2005    (2VJT)

Context Definition 2    (2VJU)

In object technology, making the data and processing within the object private, which allows the internal implementation of the object to be modified without requiring any change to the application that uses it.    (2VJV)

Reference/URL for Context Definition 2    (2VJW)

Encapsulation, “TheFreeDictionary.com”, http://computing-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/encapsulation Accessed June 29, 2005    (2VJX)

Context Definition 3    (2VJY)

Keeping details of a software routine (function or object) private. Programmers only know what input is required and what outputs are expected.    (2VJZ)

Reference/URL for Context Definition 3    (2VK0)

information hiding, “TheFreeDictionary.com”, http://computing-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/information%20hiding Accessed June 29, 2005    (2VK1)

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