Emerging Technology Subcommittee, AIC    (3IYR)

Purpose: This subcommittee provides an “incubator” organizing process to accelerate discovery, maturation, and validation of capabilities that leverage Federal Enterprise Architecture principles and priorities. The key components of our charter are:    (3IYT)

Tuning ET Together - From Stovepipes to Wind Chimes    (3IYS)

Key FY09 Activities    (3IYY)

  1. Life-cycle process for ET discovery and collaborative action through Communities of Interest and Practice – http://ET.gov (with grateful appreciation to OwenAmbur who developed this process in his capacity as Chair, XML CoP. He continues to steward its progress in his current capacity as XML CoP, Chair Emeritus, and citizen volunteer)    (3IYZ)
  1. Collaborative Expedition Workshops Support Life-cycle Process through Strategic Dialogue Among Communities to Advance Shared Knowledge, Innovation, and Joint Capability Maturation -    (3IZ3)

Products    (40QD)

Resources    (3J6T)