ETKN Organizing Meeting    (3QC0)

9 November 2007    (3QC1)

Purpose: The purpose of the ETKN Organizing Meeting is to form the network, inventory the needs and assets of member libraries, detail and begin implementation of at least one (1) collaborative project addressing a common need, and outline next steps to develop infrastructure and sustainable organization into the future.    (3QBI)

Minutes    (3U6I)

/Minutes    (3U6J)

Agenda    (3QC4)

8.30 9.00am: Welcome, Purpose, Introductions    (3QBT)

Accomplishment: meet and greet; establish common foundation    (3QBJ)

9.00 9.30am: Resolution    (3QBU)

Accomplishment: sign resolution and agree to form ETKN    (3QBK)

9.30 10.30am: Assets    (3QBV)

Accomplishment: produce an inventory of assets, unique and common, of ETKN members    (3QBL)

10.30 10.45am: Break    (3QBM)

10.45 11.45am: Needs    (3QBW)

Accomplishment: identify 2-3 common needs that can be addressed immediately with ETKN collaboration on a project    (3QBN)

12.00 1.00pm: Lunch    (3QBO)

1.00 2.00pm: Project Outline and Implementation Plan    (3QBX)

Accomplishment: Detailed outline of at least one (1) collaborative project addressing the a common need with goals and success measures    (3QBP)

2.00 2.15pm: Break    (3QBQ)

2.15 4.15pm: Timeline for Infrastructure and Organizational Development    (3QBY)

Accomplishment: Detailed outline of milestones for the further development of the network, including meeting time(s), documents to be drafted, approval procedures, evaluation measures, and liaisons.    (3QBR)

4.15 4.30pm: Wrap-up and Meeting Feedback    (3QBZ)

Accomplishment: All participants are clear on the next steps for the network and next steps for their institution    (3QBS)

Attendees    (3QC4)

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