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Collection    (3R2Y)

Some issues with this area are the many ways "collection" can be approached. A distinction between what member libraries have immediate access to ('owned' collections) and those materials that can be accessed through institutional partnerships, such as HSRC having access to materials through UNC-Chapel Hill Library system.    (3S03)

When compiling this list, only those items that a member library can access immediately or "owns" through parent organization should be considered:    (3S04)

Services    (3R2Z)

Programs    (3R30)

Staff    (3R2W)

Miscellaneous    (3R2W)

NEEDS    (3R7B)

Facilities    (3R33)

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Collection    (3R35)

More content digitized, cataloged into shared catalog, accessible without mediation (i.e., full-text free online, bought from publisher, or borrowed from a library)    (3S0K)

Services    (3R36)

Types of materials included are LexisNexis alerts; Google alerts; RSS feeds    (3S0O)

Synopsis or abstract, and link to the full text    (3S0P)

;Tailored to institution's customers' needs and distributed as is to other partners    (3S0Q)

Programs    (3R37)

Staff    (3R38)

Miscellaneous    (3R39)

Realistic metrics toolkit (outputs and outcomes) to show direct and indirect ROI to management. (VDOT)(NTL)(FHWA) (PADOT)(Volpe) (TLB)(NJDOT)    (3S0T)