Eastern Transportation Knowledge Network    (3OFN)

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Mission    (3UBV)

Adopted November 9, 2007    (3UBW)

The Eastern Transportation Knowledge Network exists to increase access to transportation research and information, to reduce the operating costs of its member libraries, and to offer new and improved services for member libraries and their users.    (3UBX)

Deliverables and Milestones for FY 2008    (3ODF)

  1. sign resolution to form a network    (3QZL)
  2. develop and implement a new collaborative project - ETKN Digital Collaboratory    (3QZM)
  3. craft and adopt an organizational structure for the network    (3QZN)

Meeting Times    (3TK3)

The ETKN will meet via teleconference at 10a EST/ 9a CST on the following dates in 2008:    (3TK4)

Membership Overview    (3UBY)

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ETKN File-Sharing Workspace / Document Repository    (3P00)

Resources    (3QCZ)

The following is a list of links to resources of interest to ETKN participants.    (3PH1)

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