Themes    (3O5Y)

Along with the "what" of the next year's workshops, some underlying themes to carry forward:    (3O5U)

1. As Susan mentioned this morning, how do projects/groups "start off on the right foot"? Someone else mentioned "roadmapping" as a need. How can we offer, as an outcome of each workshop, do-able approach for visioning, surveying "what is possible?" and encouraging how groups think about the value they bring to their users (in software terms) and communities (in communication/collaboration terms)?    (3O5V)

2. Considering the issue of mediated communication as well as collaboration. Each medium brings opportunities and barriers to human communication... how can we expose and understand the effects? Can we encourage usable and useful?    (3O5W)

3. How can we help knowledge transfer out of each session? What is "actionable"? Can we ground presentations and discussions in scenarios that help attendees translate what they hear into their worlds?    (3O5X)

Topics    (3O66)

Upcoming    (3O5Z)

World Usability Day is Nov. 8th, 2007. Focus is on usability in healthcare and health informatics. Is there something that can be done that ties to this, either in October (to contribute) or afterward in November or December (drawing from the outputs of the international usability community).    (3O60)