President, Dovèl Technologies    (3KUF)    (3KUG)

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Dovèl Technologies, is an IT solutions provider. For over 20 years, Dovèl has been providing solutions to government and industry. From travel solutions to financial systems to medical systems, our software engineers develop technology solutions - on time and within budget. From telecommunications to national defense, we have provided business process improvement solutions. We make complex systems and organizations work better.    (3KXV)

Mr. Levy is the President and CEO of Dovèl Technologies. With 25 years of extensive, hands-on experience, Mr. Levy is considered industry wide as a true expert in the field of large information system development and deployment. Mr. Levy has proven his unique leadership skills, as well as his technical expertise, by successfully leading large project development teams in the development and implementation of several complex, nation-wide, mission critical systems. Mr. Levy's expertise includes large system architecture, system development life-cycle, and operations of very large, mission critical systems. He has demonstrated extensive experience in large system development methodology and software estimation. Finally, Mr. Levy led a technical team thru a successful CMM level 3 external assessments, conducted a number of due diligence assessments, provided expert witness services, and oversaw large system development effort.    (3KUI)