About David Carter Dave Carter is the Principal of ND Associates LLC a business process consultancy . He served in the federal government for over 31 years. His public and private sectors career has spanned the spectrum of information technology management as well as oversight. Whether as an auditor or a manager, he has been a champion of successful change and transformation efforts in both the private and public sectors. Mr. Carter published a well received article in the 1994 summer edition of the William and Mary Business Journal titled “Reinvention Through Process Improvement”. Mr. Carter serves on the Board of Directors of the Association of Business Process Management Professionals as the Director and Vice President of Chapter Services as well as the leadership group of the Washington DC chapter of the Knowledge Management Professional Society.    (3NQV)

Contact information: dave@ndassociatesllc.biz; www.ndassociatesllc.biz; 301.367.4404    (3NQW)