David B. Homan    (3XOH)

Mr. David B. Homan is a research scientist with the United States Air Force Research Laboratory. Mr. Homan specializes in research and development of air and space vehicle flight control systems. In particular, Mr. Homan is a technical area leader, specializing in development of advanced flight control mechanization technologies. The Control Mechanization group's current R&D emphasis areas include: Advances in Airworthiness Certification and Verification and Validation, prognostics and diagnostics for Integrated Control Systems Health Management, Control for Morphing Aircraft Systems, and maintaining Operations and Support of the Air Vehicle's Control Systems Integration Facility. Mr. Homan completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Systems Engineering from Wright State University in 1987, and received his Masters of Science in Management of Technology from the National Technological University in 1997.    (3XOI)