Writers' First Review Draft:    (2V8T)

Term    (2VEV)

Data Management Strategy    (2VEW)

Origin/Source for Inclusion of the Term    (2VEX)

Data Reference Model http://colab.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?DataReferenceModel_09_2004/TheGlossary_DRM_VolIv1    (2VEY)

OMB Context Definition    (2VEZ)

Within the OMB Data Reference Model, a strategy guided by business drivers that include Brian Aucoin's "Three Pillars" of Data Reference Model Data Governance, Data Reference Model Data Architecture, Data Reference Model Data Sharing Architecture.    (2VF0)

Reference/URL OMB Context Definition    (2VF1)

(1) http://web-services.gov/DraftDRMDataManagementStrategy-021604Correct.pdf., accessed on June 20, 2005.; (2) Position Statement presented by Bryan Aucoin at the Eighth International Conference on Information Quality (ICIQ-03).    (2VF2)

Business Definition    (2VF3)

A plan for organizing and administrating data that captures one or more business processes.    (2VF4)

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Original definition developed by Mark Cushman, Director, Intervise, Inc., mcushman@intervise.com, 240-417-8819, created on June 20, 2005.    (2VF6)

Technical Definition    (2VF7)

(1) A plan providing guiding principles and framework for implementing a corporate data management program. (2) A document describing the role of data and data governance within an agency Enterprise Architecture.    (2VF8)

Reference/URL Technical Definition    (2VF9)

(1) http://www.faa.gov/aio/common/documents/HTMLfiles/DMStrat.htm , accessed on June 20, 2005. (2) http://colab.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?DataReferenceModel_09_2004/TheGlossary_DRM_VolIv1#nid2K8H (see also: http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/egov/documents/fea-drm1.PDF , accessed on June 20, 2005.)    (2VFA)

Context Definition 1    (2VFB)

(1) A strategy for how a firm will best serve its Business and Information Needs. (2) A strategy defining its current and future needs for accumulation, usage, renewal, maintenance, and transfer of data within, and outside, the firmís boundaries.    (2VFC)

Reference/URL Context Definition 1    (2VFD)

http://www.kmbook.com/enterarch.htm, accessed on June 20, 2005.    (2VFE)

Context Definition 2    (2VFF)

Data Governance, Data Architecture    (2VFG)

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