4.3.2. The Data Context Artifact Creation Activity:    (3X3Q)

Within a COI it is recognized that data categorization, or better a more strict classification through a controlled vocabulary, aids in the process of data discovery, comprehension, and data sharing. The vocabulary terms provide a perspective, significance, connotation, of the contents of the Asset and an understanding of the environment in which a Data Asset is defined and used. This consistent method of defining, using, and sharing information about a Data Asset’s context improves the likelihood of data sharing and reuse across diverse and large organizations, including the government as an enterprise and all of its stakeholders.    (3X3R)

The members of the COI recognize that a hierarchy is one of the most effective techniques for organizing the terms – single words and phrases – that are commonly used to identify concepts of interest. These hierarchies in general go from more general concepts to more specific ones. The terminology most often associated with these hierarchies is “taxonomy”. This term can be understood loosely in the sense above or in a stricter, more mathematical sense. In this document the looser sense is used. Similarly the word “term” will be used synonymously below with less precise word “topic”.    (3X3S)

The COIs may be totally within the government, in which case the selection of terms is at the discretion of the program managers. Many COIs, however, interact with other non-federal government organizations or with non-governmental bodies. In such cases there are often externally developed taxonomies. Common terms that reflect such taxonomies should be used to establish a Data Context to increasing data sharing potential.    (3X3T)