6.5 Data Sharing Attributes    (3YY1)

This section will expand on the concepts presented above to include attributes that are associated with each concept. A description will be provided for each attribute, along with an example where necessary for clarity.    (3YY2)

---- Concept-------Attribute--------------Description----------------------Example    (3YYK)

http://colab.cim3.net/file/work/das/DRM_2.0/Table_6_5.JPG    (3YYJ)

 [1] The “Identifier” attribute is described at an abstract level in order to be consistent with the abstract nature of the reference model. Therefore, there are no references to aspects such as identifier uniqueness, representation format, or similar. Implementations based on the DRM will introduce such aspects as needed according to their requirements.    (3YY4)

[1] Second "Identifier" (should be [2])- For a Query Point, an identifier represents the electronic address at which the Query Point may be accessed.    (3YY5)