DRM Virtual Workshops    (2ZQ8)

. October 26, 2005 DRM Virtual Workshop    (2ZV5)

Workshop Purpose: To engage conversation and comments on the draft DRM 2.0, building toward consensus.    (5DW)

Tentative Agenda    (2ZVA)

A. Opening Remarks, MichaelDaconta    (2ZVC)

B. Orientation to Virtual Workshop, SusanTurnbull    (2ZXA)

C. Agency Questions and DRM Orientation Session, All    (2ZVE)

Resources:    (2ZVF)

DRM 2.0 and Management Strategy: As Structured (XML), Integrated, and Searchable Documents from the DRM 2.0 Education Pilot that Demonstrates the Conceptual Metamodel for DRM 2.0 Implementation.    (2ZVG)