Daniel Pitton is presently the Director of Enterprise Architecture, Capital Planning and Information Assurance for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at the Department of Transportation.    (3GJD)

From 2000 to 2006, he was the Cyber Security Programs Manager for the Environmental Management Division of the Department Of Energy, the second largest Lead Program Secretarial Office in DOE. As the AODR, he was responsible for all Cyber Security management oversight at such major nuclear sites as Savannah River, Richland/Hanford, Carlsbad/WIPP and Rocky Flats. He also has 10 years of IT experience in the law enforcement domain at DEA Miami Field Division, FBI Division 1 and DOJ IMSS    (2J8)

Mr. Pitton has an interest in bridging the domains of IRM and Security using EA as the means for achieving order out of chaos. Integrating the two disciplines is far more difficult than simply understanding the acronyms that practitioners live by on a daily basis. The challenge is in harmonizing the fundamental goals that both discipline strives for, understanding the resource limitations of each, and ensuring that a single, plausible architecture is distilled out of the effort.    (2J9)

Mr. Pitton is accomplished in achieving reforms in the area of Certification & Accreditation that consists of technological expressions that streamline the process, using novel solutions that leverage modern Risk Management principles and developing advanced Trust Models that facilitate cooperation between organizations. He is presently committed to deploying SOA within DOT as a means of sharing authoritative data constructs, and he is the DOT Chair for the Services-Data Architecture Group that is promulgating this concept across the Department.    (2JB)

He is also a principal in the Cash4Clunkers Program (AKA CARS.GOV) and is the SME on Cloud Computing for the Department.    (41XV)

He can be reached at: dan.pitton@dot.gov    (2JA)