Daniel Ellis    (3E55)

Mr. Daniel Ellis is an IT professional dedicated to enabling progressive organizations to embrace component-based techniques to deliver service oriented architectures, higher developer productivity, and improved software development efficiency. Today, Mr. Ellis serves as the Vice President of Technology for Software Performance Systems where he leads the enterprise architecture practice. Mr. Ellis is also responsible for improving SPS developer productivity and mitigating risk across SPS projects.    (3W4S)

In addition to his corporate responsibilities Mr. Ellis is an IT practitioner, currently leveraging his component-based architecture and enterprise modeling experience to advance the SPS Enterprise Architecture (EA) practice across local, state, and Federal government organizations. Mr. Ellis recently completed the Service Component-Based Architecture task for the United States Patent and Trademark Office Enterprise Architecture program. Today, Mr. Ellis is engaged with Virginia Housing Department Authority to develop technology standards.    (1SC)

Mr. Ellis is a founding member of the Computer Associates Component-Based Development Customer Advisory Board (CA CBD CAB) and a member of the CBDi Forum.    (3W4T)

Mr. Ellis specializes in strategies and design of service component-based architectures. His pragmatic approach yields evolving, sustainable enterprise architecture programs and service oriented architecture capabilities designed to deliver business agility.    (3W4U)

Director, Enterprise Solutions    (3E51)

Everware-CBDI, North America    (3E5A)

Independent guidance for service architecture and engineering    (3E54)

Contact Information    (3E5S)

Mobile: (703) 966-0739    (3E56)

Office: (703) 246-0000 x113    (3E57)

E-Mail: dellis-at-Everware-CBDi.com    (3E58)

Skype: danellis14    (3E52)

Links    (3E5R)

SOA Knowledge Base: http://www.CBDiForum.com    (3E59)

Company web-site: http://www.Everware-CBDi.com    (3E53)