Distributed Collaboration: A Workshop for Leaders of Communities and Distributed Teams    (3GF0)

Location: GSA, 1800 F ST, NW, Room 1324    (3GGC)

March 1, 2007    (3GEZ)

Purpose    (3GGT)

This is an all day session for leaders of communities of practice and distributed teams. The purpose is to share experiences among those practicing distributed collaboration. This session goes beyond the weekly orientation teleconferences and will include common issues faced by leaders of virtual communities and project teams. The objective is to transfer practical knowledge among conveners of distributed collaboration communities. We'll focus on the How to's of community work and events, emphasizing people and process considerations, including unique characteristics of individual communities. Examples will include distributed communities (past and current) within the collaborative work environment. Participants are invited to share their resources and experiences supporting distributed communities and project teams.    (3GGD)

8:30 AM - Welcome and Introductions - SusanTurnbull and PeterYim    (3GF1)

8:45 AM - Creating the Conducive Conditions: People and Purpose-centered Organizing    (3GGE)

9:30 AM - Scaffolds for Group Productivity: Building Shared Processes Together    (3GGG)

10:15 AM - Break    (3GFF)

10:30 AM - Scaffolds for Community Productivity: Building Shared Processes Together    (3GGW)

11:00 AM - Fine-tuning Shared Processes to Augment the Rhythm and Pace of the Community Over Time    (3GFG)

11:45 AM - Lunch    (3GGX)

1:00 PM - Orientation to the Ontolog meeting as example of delivering a virtual event    (3GFH)

1:30 PM - Observation of the Ontolog Community's virtual event    (3GGO)

3:30 PM- Break    (3GFI)

3:45 PM - Postmortem of the virtual event    (3GFJ)

4:00 PM - Summary and Reflections    (3GGP)

4:30 PM - Adjourn    (3GFK)