CommunityLearning_CWE Conference Call    (3SHC)

Tuesday 2007-11-20 11:30~1:00 PM ET    (3SHD)

Participants are invited to post Mentor Hour Questions before the session starts at 11:00 AM:    (3SHM)

Agenda & Proceedings    (3SHN)

1. Collaborative Work Environment: Why it is needed by GSA's USA Services - Intergovernmental Solutions Division (ISD) to support communities - SusanTurnbull and PeterYim    (3SHO)

2. Collaborative Work Environment: It's NOT about technology, it's all about getting work done effectively, especially when we are not in the same place    (3SHV)

3. Collaborative Work Environment (CWE): a suite of 4 work spaces for trusted communities: portal, wiki, discussion forum and file repository. The CWE is platform-independent.    (3SI7)

4. Collaborative Work Environment: a Wiki Tutorial    (3SIT)

5. Collaborative Work Environment: a File Repository Tutorial    (3SJD)