Next Chief Architects Forum (CAF) meeting is scheduled for Thursday May 1, 2008 at the Graduate School, USDA in Rooms 890-1 and 890-2    (3WQ4)

Chief Architects Forum    (3WQ5)

Sponsored by:    (3WQ6)

Federal CIO Council, Architecture and Infrastructure Committee, and Industry Advisory Council    (3WQ7)

Date and Time: Thursday May 1, 2008 9:00 am to 12:00 pm    (3WQ8)

Location: The Graduate School, USDA, 600 Maryland Ave. SW, Washington DC (See below for directions)    (3WQ9)

Topics: Practical Guide for Service Oriented Architecture and OMB’s MAX Federal Collaboration Community Wiki    (3WQA)

Teleconference Information:    (3WQB)


PHONE NUMBER: 1-888-560-8501    (3WQD)

PARTICIPANT CODE: 1275479#    (3WQE)

PARTICIPANTS: 50 (Maximum)    (3WQF)

The focus of the 2008 CAF meetings will be Cross-Agency Lines of Business and FEA Best Practices (that attendees can walk away with and use immediately in their organization.).    (3WQG)

Agenda    (3WQH)

· Ira Grossman, Chairman, CAF - Introduction and Greeting    (3WQI)

Kshemendra Paul, Director, OMB FEA PMO – OMB FEA Update    (3WQJ)

· Andrew Schoenbach, Chief, Budget Systems Branch, Office of Management and Budget MAX Federal Collaboration Community    (3WQK)

1.    (3WQL)

2. Federal Computer Week article about MAX:    (3WQM)

· George Thomas, GSA – Collaborative Workshop to Discuss and to Provide Comments about the “Practical Guide for Service Oriented Architecture” (PGFSOA)    (3WQN)

1. The PGFSOA wiki can be found at    (3WQO)

2. Download the PGFSOA Draft 1.0 Public Release Draft in standalone portable document format (pdf) at    (3WQP)

Please RSVP to Ira Grossman @    (3WQQ)