Chief Architects' Forum    (31C6)

January 26, 2006, 1-4 PM    (31C7)

AGENDA    (31C8)

1:00 PM - Introduction & welcome - Ira Grossman, NOAA & Chairman, CAF    (31C9)

A. Announcements    (31CA)

- Details on how to submit comments through the FEA Reference Model Maintenance Process are the at Reference Model Public Forum. Proposed revisions to the Reference Models must be received by January 30, 2006.    (31CN)

- SOA CoP Download-Print    (31CZ)

B. Chief Architects Mailing Lists    (31CB)

C. Developing an Enterprise Architecture Management Guide - Haiping Luo, VA International Committee on Enterprise Architecture Standards, Association of Enterprise Architects    (31CC)

1:10 PM - Service Component Based Architecture - Bobby Jones, DHS/FEMA & Jim Benson, Booz Allen    (31CJ)

Implementing Distributed and Reusable Components and Services in the Federal Government.    (31CK)

Please review SCBA Whitepaper before the CAF meeting    (31CL)

1:40 PM - and Enterprise Architecture- Marion Royal, GSA    (31CD)    (31CE)

How Does Support Enterprise Architects?    (31CM)

2:00 PM - Discussion Breakout Groups    (31CF)

3:00 PM - Dick Burk - Latest news and announcements from OMB FEA PMO    (31CH)

4:00 PM - Closing    (31CI)