CAF January 6, 2005 Meeting Announcement    (2PYS)

The Chief Architects Forum (CAF) of the CIO Council’s Architecture and Infrastructure Committee will convene its next regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, January 6, 2005 from 1:00 to 4:00 PM at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Science Center in Silver Spring, Maryland. Link to directions and NOAA maps. Please plan to arrive by 12:30pm so as to go through Security.    (8NM)

The objective of this meeting is to develop a draft “strawman” dictionary/glossary of Enterprise Architecture Terms that the Federal Government can refine and publish as a de-jure standard to be used by the government and all its constituencies.    (8N7)

The purpose of the meeting is to solicit your feedback, as Chief Architects, on the draft Industry Advisory Council (IAC) version of the dictionary/glossary and address issues related to this document. The “strawman” glossary will be made available at the January 6th meeting to be used as the basis for breakout discussion sessions. The “strawman” glossary has been drafted by the IAC and will be revised after the CAF Meeting to ensure that all changes and revisions are added.    (8N8)

All Department, Agency and Bureau Enterprise Architects are invited to attend. Please spread the word to any of your colleagues who may not have gotten this announcement.    (8N9)

For those who would like to dial-in for the meeting, information about a WebEx Internet Conference session and teleconference number will be provided the week of January third. Please identify your designee for this meeting and provide contact information (Name, Organization, Phone Number, e-mail Address) to Ms. Erin Andrew at no later than Monday, January 3, 2005. Additionally, please indicate a 1st and 2nd preference for participating in a breakout discussion group focused on the following glossary categories:    (8NA)