Carl Mattocks is Founder / CEO of CHECKMi a New Jersey-based company developing agent–based software capable of linking a 1000 databases into a single compendium. Commencing with the ISO IRDS standard for Repositories - Carl is a long time contributor to the development and exploitation of metadata-centric specifications. Currently he acts as a co-chair for the Business Centric Methodology TC and the ebXML Registry Semantic Content SC. Much of Carl’s wisdom was gained managing a London–based Artificial Intelligence company that pioneered the use of faceted-classification techniques and multi-national language processing for online information discovery. He has also benefited from being - one of the first Certified Systems Analysts in the UK; one of the first students in a condensed-MBA program at Cranfield School of Management; and one of the first designers to apply (ITIL) Structured System techniques on (Government / Financial Service) intelligence projects.    (4HI)