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OMB EA Assessment Framework Version 1.5    (2UTI)

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What we do well as an organization.    (2UTM)

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Original Definition developed by Jim Disbrow, Information Technology Specialist, Office of Information Technology (EI-10), Energy Information Administration, U.S. Dept. of Energy, jim.disbrow@eia.doe.gov, 202-586-1868, created June 13,2005    (2UTO)

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A system of activities, tangible assets, skills, information bases, managerial systems, and values together creating a special advantage for an organization.    (2UTQ)

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OMB Enterprise Architecture Assessment Framework Version 1.5    (2UTS)

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In order to access an object, the program must have a special token (like a car key) that designates the object and gives the program the authority to perform a specific set of actions (such as reading or writing) on that object. This token is known as a capability.    (2UTU)

Reference/URL Context Definition 1 ""Programming semantics for multiprogrammed computations"", the original capability paper, is at http://www.lcs.mit.edu/publications/pubs/pdf/MIT-LCS-TR-023.pdf"    (2UTV)

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