MEETING #5 March 27, 2007: 11:0012:00p.m. Conference Call    (3ISE)

1 TO Discuss at the meeting:    (3ISF)

'''1.1) clarification was required from both OMB & FASAB on the wording in SFFAS No.7 and because of the specific wording in paragraph 80 & 81 would format changes be allowed. **Don will ask OMB to attend 3/27 call, ** Alice will pursue clarification with FASAB.    (3IU4)

1.2) Call for issues/problems that exist with the current SOF format. ** Please forward your list of issues to Don who will compile a list, **Don will also check with Richard on a list from previous years. As we continue to consider various formats it is important to get feedback on the issues causing preparation problems by fund type category and Trust Funds    (3ISK)

2 Administrative Items:    (3ISN)

4 References:    (3ITV)

-OMB Circular A-136 - Full Circular    (3ITW)

-OMB Circular A-136 - SOF Section    (3ITX)

-FMS Crosswalk to SOF (FY07 Reporting)    (3ITY)


-[add file here Implementation Guide SOF SFFAS7, Accounting for Revenue and Other Financing Sources: Detailed Information on the Statement of Financing]    (3IU0)

-SOF Quick Reference Guide (Kevin Close USDA)    (3IU1)

-Last Year FY06 Recommendation    (3IU2)

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