MEETING #3 March 08, 2007: 1:303:00p.m. Conference Call    (3HA9)

1 Discussed at the meeting:    (3H8S)

1.1) The group discussed the current template V01 (A two part reconciliation, A reconciliation of Total Financing Sources to Total Budgetary Resources and A reconciliation of Budgetary Obligations to Net Cost    (3HRJ)

1.2) The group discussed circulating a V02 of another template, that was based more on the current format, removing some of the problematic areas.    (3HRQ)

1.3) We are encouraging input from of participants, or anyone who has ideas on improving the format.    (3HRS)

1.4) the group decided to continue to try and come to agreement on the best format of the Statement-Reconciliation, however the following would also need to be addressed after    (3HRT)

1.5) As we continue to consider various formats it is important to get feedback on the issues causing preparation problems by fund type category and Trust Funds    (3HDD)

1.6) For those interested in learning more about the Collaborative Working Environment or WIKI's in general, GSA will be holding a call in training session 3/24/07    (3HS4)

2 Administrative Items:    (3H9A)

3.1) Discussion of Agency Reports on Using FY07 v01 of the template:    (3HC7)

4 References:    (3HA5)

-OMB Circular A-136 - Full Circular    (3H9K)

-OMB Circular A-136 - SOF Section    (3H9L)

-FMS Crosswalk to SOF (FY07 Reporting)    (3H9M)

-FASAB SFFAS07    (3HS5)

-[add file here Implementation Guide SOF SFFAS7, Accounting for Revenue and Other Financing Sources: Detailed Information on the Statement of Financing]    (3H9N)

-SOF Quick Reference Guide (Kevin Close USDA)    (3H9O)

-Last Year FY06 Recommendation    (3HS6)

return to--SOF Collaborative Website (WIKI)    (3HBH)