MEETING #1 January 30, 2007: 1:003:00p.m. Metropolitan Square,Rm 6276    (3HA9)

1 Administrative Items:    (3H9A)

2 Discuss purpose of our Work-Group and FY06 Template: Statement of Financing (SOF) Address purpose, simplification, and automation.    (3H8S)

3 Review Template from FY06 Sub-Group    (3H9H)

SOF Workgroup Template Draft FY07 v01 (01-30-2007)    (3HA8)

4 Other Ideas:    (3H9J)

5 References:    (3HA5)

-OMB Circular A-136    (3H9K)

-OMB Circular A-136 SOF Section    (3H9L)

-FMS Crosswalk to SOF (FY07 Reporting    (3H9M)

-Implementation Guide to Statement of Financing in Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards 7, Accounting for Revenue and Other Financing Sources: Detailed Information on the Statement of Financing    (3H9N)

-SOF Quick Reference Guide (Kevin Close USDA)    (3H9O)

return to--SOF Collaborative Website (WIKI)    (3HBH)