University of Kansas XBRL Module 1 Introduction to XBRL    (3H2O)

University of Kansas XBRL Module Part 2 Introduction to XML--Rajendra_Srivastava    (3H2P)

University of Kansas XBRL Module Part 3 Introduction XBRL Framework--Rajendra_Srivastava    (3H2V)

A simple example of the benefits of XBRL using - Investor's Assistant - from MicroSoft, NASDAQ & PricewaterhouseCoopers    (3H2S)

Improving Financial Analysis and Reporting Using XBRL and the Microsoft Office System    (3H2W)

[ ffff    (3H2X)

Watch the Microsoft/I-Metrics XBRL Video    (3H2Y)

view the RR Donnelley Video on XBRL    (3H30)

Interactive Data Viewer at the SEC    (3H31)

Interactive Data Roundtable: New Software to Make Better Information a Reality    (3H32)

XBRL enables RSS Feeds    (3H33)

RJenzen Videoand Demos    (3H34)

KOSDAQ Video    (3H35)

KOSDAQ & UBmatrix Video    (3H37)

KOSDAQ - The KOrean Stock Exchange    (3H36)

- add jenzens camtasia    (3H38)

XBRL and Data Standardization: Transforming the Way CPAs Work    (3H39)

An Introduction to XBRL    (3H3A)

XBRL - Real Solutions, Real Time    (3H3B)

ABCs of XBRL    (3H3C)

Consistency is the key increasing the value of the data that has been converted to this common platform    (3H3D)

XBRL: It's Unstoppable    (3H3E)

Who Moved my accounting cheese? (XBRL)    (3H3F)