Brent Carlson    (GV)

Carlson drives the development and delivery of LogicLibrary's products. He is a 17-year veteran of IBM, where he served as lead architect for the WebSphere Business Components project and held numerous leadership roles on the "IBM SanFrancisco Project." Carlson recently led LogicLibrary's product development team in porting the Logidex solution to the .NET platform. He is the co-author of two books: SanFrancisco Design Patterns: Blueprints for Business Software (with James Carey and Tim Graser) and Framework Process Patterns: Lessons Learned Developing Application Frameworks (with James Carey). Carlson is also a frequent presenter at industry conferences, including Microsoft PDC 2003, and regional user groups. He is a BEA Regional Director and was named to Infoworld’s 2004 list of CTOs to watch. Carlson holds 16 software patents, with eight more currently under evaluation.    (GW)