Bob Farrow Office - 410-987-4035 Cell - 410-598-7628    (3ERM)

Bob Farrow’s career comprises over 37 years in the IT industry. His background includes experience as software engineer, management consultant, information technology executive, systems integrator, sales executive, and business leader in a variety of environments: insurance and financial services, mortgage banking, securities, telecommunications, law enforcement, law and judiciary, construction and real estate, manufacturing, insurance, and federal and state government.    (3ESO)

Specific positions include CIO for two large organizations, Sales Executive for both the telecommunications marketplace as well as the Federal marketplace. The Federal market has been Bob’s exclusive focus for the past 7 years and has resulted in substantial relationships in both the Federal integrator and end-user communities.    (3ESP)

Bob is a member of the Ohio Bar Association and a Fellow in the Life Management Institute, and is credited with the following publications:    (3ESQ)

 “Ohio’s Law Enforcement Automated Data System”;  Proceedings of the Annual Ohio Transportation Conference;  Columbus, Ohio;  April, 1980.    (3ESR)

“Incorporation: Is There a Right Answer?” Bar Briefs, Columbus Bar Association Magazine; Columbus, Ohio; April, 1982.    (3ESS)

“Implementing Automation Using External Assistance”; Annual Conference of the National Association of Attorneys General; Austin, Texas; May, 1984.    (3EST)

“Large Scale Insurance System Dynamics”; Chinese National Insurance Company United States Tour; Baltimore, Maryland; June, 1989.    (3ESU)

“Distributed vs. Centralized Systems Architecture”; National High Volume Home Builders Information Systems Council; Columbia, Maryland; September, 1992.    (3ESV)

“Linking Business and Information Technology Strategies”; Annual CEO/CIO Forum David D. Lattanze Center for Executive Studies in Information Systems; Baltimore, Maryland; June, 1993.    (3ESW)

“Technology Consultants: It’s a Changing World”; Annual FiServ Client Conference; Hershey, Pennsylvania; November, 1995.    (3ESX)

“Challenges of the CIO”; General Signal Networks Annual Meeting; Bermuda; January, 1998.    (3ESY)

“Storage Utility Services”; Keynote Speaker, Compaq SAN VAN Series; Norfolk, VA, Charlotte, NC, Washington, DC, Birmingham, AL; October-December, 2000.    (3ESZ)