Bhavya Lal    (3XL0)

Bhavya Lal leads STPI’s activities in the areas of Innovation, Competitiveness and International Science and Technology. Recent projects have involved developing metrics and analyzing policy issues surrounding: high-risk high-reward transformative research, public private partnerships, international collaborations, US competitiveness in high technology areas, factors such as regulatory environments, access to capital and workforce and education that strengthen the innovation ecosystem. She is currently completing an analysis of the most popular indices of national economic competitiveness with regard to their methodologies and ranking outcomes. She is also leading a team to develop a series of briefs to inform a congressionally-mandated OSTP Summit on Science and Technology; topics range from US investment in basic R&D and education to issues of shortages and surpluses in the science and technology (S&T) workforce. Ms. Lal has also worked on many projects internationally, and is developing a series of issue briefs on S&T and innovation in China in particular, and Asia in general.    (3XL1)