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Architecture Framework    (2ULB)

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None    (2ULF)

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Not Applicable.    (2ULH)

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A structure and methodology to help create an abstraction    (2ULJ)

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An architecture framework is a tool which can be used for developing a broad range of different architectures. It should describe a method for designing an information system in terms of a set of building blocks, and for showing how the building blocks fit together. It should contain a set of tools and provide a common vocabulary. It should also include a list of recommended standards and compliant products that can be used to implement the building blocks.    (2ULM)

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http://www.opengroup.org/architecture/togaf8-doc/arch/p1/togaf_faq.htm, Accessed August 5, 2005    (2ULO)

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An Architecture Framework defines a common approach for describing, presenting, and comparing enterprise architectures, and facilitates the use of common principles, assumptions and terminology    (2ULQ)

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