Andrew Schain    (2JTL)

NASA Headquarters' Chief Technology Officer    (2JTP)

I joined NASA as a civil servant 14 years ago. For the last 7 years, I have had the responsibility for introducing new technologies into the NASA Headquarters computing environment and for integrating the Headquarters IT infrastructure and services with other NASA centers and partners. I serve as the lead for the Headquarters IT Strategic and Tactical plans which set goals and provide integrated planning for NASA Headquarters IT services. But most importantly, I am a service provider.    (2JTB)

My NASA responsiblities include planning and coordination, budget formulation/management, integrated design assurance, policy compliance and chairmanship of the local Configuration Control Board.    (2JTD)

In September of 2004 I began a one-year assigment at UMD's MINDSWAP    (2JTN)

Where I am working on a data management strategy for NASA, specifically looking at RDF/OWL implementations, distributed ontology management, metadata harvesting through traditional mining, and affiliated searches based on logical propinquity.    (2JTU)