Allan Terry is the Program Manager of the Teknowledge Knowledge Systems Group. Our focus is on leveraging semantics to make applications more intelligent and maintainable. In addition to SUMO, Teknowledge has created the Midlevel ontology (MILO) and many domain ontologies for military and intelligence community clients. Some of our application work includes a Semantic Web search engine for DARPA, analogical reasoning for ARDA, ontology based work for the Air Force JBI, and intelligent tutors.    (6BW)

Dr. Terry has been focused on how applications can make better use of knowledge, starting 25 years ago with expert systems, and now focusing on logic and ontology. He is a voting member of the IEEE Standard Upper Ontology Working Group.    (6BX)

  Allan Terry
  1800 Embarcadero Road
  Palo Alto, CA  94303
  650/494-5447    (6BY)