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Subject: New SOA Predictive Metrics

The SOA metrics instrument has been revised based on comments from numerous individuals and reviews presented at the e-Government meeting in McLean on 1-2 October. Their suggestions and comments are deeply appreciated.


It should be easier to complete and produce less variable results. I think it’s at a point where it can provide real benefits to Chief Architects and Program Managers who are building/evolving SOA/EA systems. However, it will still benefit from additional review and testing – retrospectively if not prospectively. Reviews at the e-Government Conference indicated that it was particularly helpful in analyzing a project/program Technology Baseline and Development Plan/Schedule. I’d really appreciate your comments.  While I’ve gone over it 3 or 4 times, you may still find errors. Please let me know.


Changes made, as explained in the Introduction, include:

1)      Adding a section on intended uses for the metrics to the Introduction.

2)      Replacing questions that gauged (predicted or actual) improvement (e.g., in flexibility/modifiability) based on labor hours questions about the tools/languages available for modification. It was impossible to scope a “change task” narrowly enough so answers would be consistent and it would apply to multiple EA systems.

3)      Adding material on Governance in terms of the information that the SOA infrastructure makes available for Governance activities.

4)      Adding some scales about security aspects that have particular applicability to SOA systems.

5)      Adding a sheet of summary metrics.


The metrics are at:


They include an Introduction that explains the rationale behind the metrics and provides some instructions, a data entry form, and an Appendix that explains calculations on the data entry form and suggests potential ways a program might wish to tailor the metrics. 


Any suggestions about how we might publicize the tools availability would be appreciated. This would enable fine tuning of the questions and ranges for “good” (green), “problematic” (yellow), and “bad” (red) in different areas.


I look forward to your or your colleagues’ comments.



John Salasin

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

(O) 301 975-2923

(M) 240 426-8433


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